Speciality Services

Comprehensive Care realizes there are many factors that go in to reducing work related incidents and maintaining a sound functional workforce. We have developed a series of Specialty Service Programs designed in aiding in these areas. Each program is designed to work independently or they can be grouped with other programs to maximize the impact.

An Early Intervention Wellness and Injury Prevention Program is a tool by which the individual employee’s wellness and interaction with their job responsibilities and work station are systematically studied so that their causes and contributing factors can be identified and eliminated.

The services listed below are provided by trained specialists.

Industrial Job Analysis :

  • Complete the job demands analysis, and enter job demands, media, and procedure information into a spreadsheet.
  • Conduct industrial ergonomic risk assessments.
  • Provide and document risk reduction recommendations.

Early Intervention Services :

  • Evaluate occupational injuries; typically strains and sprains
  • Track all early intervention activity during monthly review meetings.
  • Assess the severity of the injury to determine if:
    • a. The employee should be placed on an internal restriction
    • b. The employee should seek medical care, or
    • c. Conservative treatment (including stretching and strengthening) will result in progressive healing.

Ergonomic / Wellness Awareness Training :

  • Provide both ergonomic and wellness topic training once a month:
  • materials handling
  • fighting fatigue
  • lifting
  • keys to good nutrition
  • back safety
  • supplement options
  • workstation interaction
  • preventative stretching & strengthening programs
  • etc.

Job Site Analysis (JSA) is a systematic review of job positions within a workplace to identify potential issues or hazards. Once an issue or hazard has been identified, control methods can be reviewed to eliminate or control that issue or hazard.

The first step in completing a job site analysis is to develop an inventory (list) of all jobs / occupations in the workplace. This list is to include all temporary, part and full time employees, ranging from entry level positions to the General Manager. This information is to be recorded in a log. Common ongoing issues and hazards should also be recorded on this log and include conditions that pose a risk and are applicable to more than one position in the workplace (i.e. heat from an oven can effect more than one job position).

The second step is to identify the specific job tasks that are involved in each position (i.e. move packages, operate a forklift, assemble a product, etc.). Once each task has been identified, the third step is to analyze each task for potential or actual issues or hazards and losses. Each of the potential or actual issues or hazards should be classified by severity.

The fourth step is to identify control measures for each of the issues or hazards, implement the controls, and follow up to ensure effectiveness. Control measures are only effective if they contain the issue or hazard, do not create any additional issues or hazards and are used by workers. All issues or hazards that are classified as significant must have a safe work procedure developed for the tasks associated with the specific issue or hazard. Steps two to four can be recorded on the Job Site Analysis and Control Measures form.

An Accident Investigation Program is a management tool by which accidents or injuries are systematically studied so that their causes and contributing factors can be identified and eliminated. Comprehensive Care will work with your company to develop a program specific to your company’s environment and needs.

Using our over 20 years of human resource and safety experience Comprehensive Care will assist in the revision and implementation of your employee handbooks. Comprehensive Care will ensure that all aspects are covered and are compliant with your protocols as they relate to your specific industry segment.

Your workplace is unique and therefore we may need to develop policies very specific to your organization and type of work. Typically, policy development will follow the following steps:

  1. Establish need for a policy
  2. Develop policy content
  3. Draft the policy
  4. Write the procedure
  5. Review of the policy by key parties
  6. Approve the policy
  7. Implement the policy
  8. Policy review and update
  9. Communication of changes to the policy

The value and importance in having Comprehensive Care assist in the development of your policies is as follows:

  • Communicate values and expectations for how tasks are done at your organization
  • Keep the business compliant with legislation and provide protection against employment claims
  • Document and implement best practices appropriate to the organization
  • Support consistent treatment of staff, fairness and transparency
  • Help management to make decisions that are consistent, uniform and predictable

Management Services. We have formed joint ventures with both Methodist Hospital and Prompt Ambulance to allow for 24 hour coverage. These alliances will allow our clients to receive prompt care during our off hours. The physicians and staff have been trained by our doctors as to our policies, procedures, and philosophies as it relates to worker’s comp injury care and drug screen / breath alcohol protocols.

Services can be performed at your facility or either one of the Methodist Hospital Campuses.

When scheduling a service request please make sure you have the following information readily available:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Phone Number
  • Employee Name
  • Service Location (with address)
  • Services Required
  • Condition of Patient (if injured)
  • Is a Transfer Required (see Employee Transportation Services cut sheet)

When the above information is complete call: (219) 977-2090 x111


Services can be performed at your facility or either one of the Methodist Hospital Campuses.


Methodist Northlake Campus

600 Grant St.
Gary, IN 46402
Phone: (219) 886-4710

Drug & Alcohol Services:
  • 10 Panel Instant Test Cup(urine)
  • 5 Panel Instant Test Cup (urine)
  • DOT 5 Panel (urine)
  • Breath Alcohol Test

Methodist Southlake Campus

8701 Broadway
Merrillville, IN 46410
Phone: (219) 738-5510

Drug & Alcohol Services:
  • 10 Panel Instant Test Cup (urine)
  • Saliva Alcohol Test

Comprehensive Care offers transportation services 24/7.

If an employee tests positive on a Saliva Alcohol Test, they will need to immediately report to either Comp Care or Methodist Northlake for Breath Alcohol Testing for confirmation.

On-Site Services
  • 10 Panel Instant Test Cup (urine)
  • DOT 5 Panel (urine)
  • Saliva Alcohol Test