Injury Treatment & Management

Comprehensive Care provides multiple services as it relates to injury treatment and management. Companies can determine which of the service offerings they require based on the type of work they do, how they operate and what their internal staffing capabilities allow for.

Comprehensive Care understands the critical nature of injury treatment and management. In order for us to be as efficient as possible we have focused on the ability of our skilled clinicians who understand occupational medicine with all the necessary resources to treat those conditions.

Our Board-Certified physicians provide expert evaluations and treatment to all but life or limb threatening injuries. We believe there can be a balance between providing excellent care to an injured employee while protecting the interests of the company. Our staff understands the negative effects of OSHA Recordable Incidents, Lite Duty Work Status, Time Loss Work Status as well as other factors that will affect a company’s EMR (Experience Modification Rate) or OSHA Recordable Rate. Comprehensive Care will make every effort to treat an injury in a way that does not have a negative impact on the company. We have developed multiple treatment protocols that have been very effective and keep the treatment under the First Aid Umbrella.

Our philosophy in providing proper injury treatment and management is accomplished through communication. Our clinicians will always be in contact with the designated contacts within your company. They will discuss all new injuries as well as any status changes to existing cases. We guarantee you will receive injury management reports the same day as treatment and you are provided a log-in to our web based medical records program. This will allow you to have access to all the necessary pertinent information to manage your employee.

Comprehensive Care is a fully functional injury treatment center. The clinic utilizes the latest in treatment equipment and protocols. The clinic has the following departments designed specifically to treat work related injuries:

The clinic has the following departments designed specifically to treat work related injuries:

  • Trauma Suite
  • Physical Therapy Department
  • Eye Treatment Station
  • Non-Surgical Back & Neck Treatment Center
  • On-Site Digital X-Ray

In the event that an injury requires treatment beyond the internal capabilities of Comprehensive Care we will utilize one of the specialty service groups we have partnered with. When this occurs we take on the role of Case Manager. This ensures the case is kept on track and our clients remain well advised as to the employee’s status and progress.