A Job Demand Analysis identifies and provides a detailed description of the physical demands of the components of an individual employee’s job. These components are analyzed by certified therapists utilizing objective measurables. This information is used to quantify the physical demands placed on the employee.

A Job Demand Analysis allows a better understanding of the interaction between a worker and their specific working environment or equipment.

A Job Demand Analysis can vary from a general overview of a job and its tasks to a detailed description of the forces required performing one specific operation.

A Job Demand Analysis can serve many functions in a variety or working environments, from a new office space to a well-established manufacturing plant.

A Job demand Analysis can help to:

  • Create or update accurate job descriptions
  • Identify problems in an existing job or workplace
  • Help identify issues and potential problems before a new design or system is implemented
  • Trace the origin of an injury
  • Provide medical professionals with guidelines for an employee’s safe return to work
  • Identify areas where ergonomic changes may be required
  • Establish a screening system for job applicants to ensure safety and improve productivity

A work site assessment is utilized to identify the essential physical, cognitive, and perceptual demands of an individual’s job. The work site assessment specifically relates the job demands and work situation to an employee’s known abilities and limitations.

This assessment is conducted by a qualified professional with both the employee and employer being present.

As our region continues to change and evolve so does our approach in evaluating and determining if a potential individual has the physical capabilities to be a good employee. A critical component is determining if an individual has the ability to properly and safely perform the tasks required for the job they’re being hired for. A  Post-Offer Employment Assessment considers the relationship between a person and their specific work environment. It takes into account an individual’s physical factors, work systems, and other work processes.

  • The Post-Offer Employment Assessment will be performed by one of our trained physical therapists who are certified in ergonomics.
  • A Post-Offer Employment Assessment will take place at our clinic or at the individual’s work place, if possible.
  • A Post-Offer Employment Assessment documents pre-existing conditions which can be documented in case of future injuries to that region.

A full report including all pertinent supporting data is presented, so that a company has the information needed to make educated decisions related to their hiring process.

The focus of a Post-Offer Employment Assessment is to ensure that an employer makes sound decisions on the individuals they hire as well as what specific job they assign their new employees. Utilizing a Post-Offer Employment Assessment allows an employer to make decisions based on statistical data to determine:

  • Does this individual have the physical ability to perform the essential job demands day in and day out safely?
  • Which of the job positions that are available does this individual best fit. Where are his or her physical attributes are best utilized.

Each analysis is designed specific to the employer and the job descriptions they have provided. If needed, we send a team to your facility or designated work location to evaluate the basic requirements of an identified position. Once the program is developed, your company is invited to our clinic to evaluate the Post-Offer Employment Assessment created. At that time we make any changes that need to be made and the program is ready to be launched.