Access is key, and therefore, no appointments are necessary. In fact, our marketing department will be happy to provide you with authorization forms that can expedite a patient’s visit. Since employer authorization is necessary prior to patient treatment, either the authorization form or an employer phone call followed by a faxed authorization will be required. There are, however, certain physical exams that do require scheduling. Please call us for more information.
Large and mid-size companies have more complex OSHA and regulatory issues as well as union or labor contracts that can cause there costs to sky rocket. Comprehensive Care works as a team to keep an employer’s costs down. Our prices for routine services, such as pre-placement, physicals, and drug screening, are most attractive when compared to facilities offering similar services. MORE IMPORTANTLY, our physicians personally manage each case they see. They recognize the importance of getting an employee well and back to work as soon as possible. They work closely with the claims management providers to monitor employees’ progress from start to finish. We have extensive experience designing and implementing light duty programs and will work with you to implement a program that reduces missed work days and lowers OSHA reportable incidents. This service enables companies better management of their occupational health needs and the costs associated with them. Furthermore, a company can demonstrate that they are serious about providing the highest quality occupational health care by securing occcupational medicine specialists to oversee their program.
That’s where Comprehensive Care comes in. Our staff has the highest qualifications for evaluating and developing OSHA compliance programs.
There are indeed larger health care organizations and companies that offer the services provided by Comprehensive Care. These companies are bound to a there own networks and do not offer the flexibility that we can. Since we are an independent organization, we are free to use the resources of virtually every hospital in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago Land area. When necessary our physicians will be happy to coordinate care at any area hospital. Our physicians have an extensive network of surgeons, and specialty consultants to assist them as needed. Not being tied to any one hospital also allows us to remain flexible in meeting the ever changing needs of out client companies. We are always striving to improve our highly specialized services and technology. This flexibility allows us to offer the best quality and most comprehensive care possible.
As you know, firefighters are often exposed to potentially harmful substances, and their well being is critical to their success. Comprehensive Care provides highly specialized exams and screenings for those exposed to potential hazards. Services include physicals, respirator clearance, fit testing, drug screening, PFT – Pulmonary Function Testing (Spirometry). Comprehensive Care offers a convenient way to make sure physicals are up-to-date, and gives you control over each individual’s health status.

If you require further medical treatment you will be scheduled for a return visit to your treating occupational medicine physician. As appropriate, you may be referred to therapy or a specialist in order to improve your condition.

The physician will complete a injury status report and notify all parties regarding the diagnosis and that continued treatment is recommended. Copies of the injury status report are distributed to the employee (patient), your employer.

Once you have reached the “maximum medical improvement” (MMI) the physician completes a discharge summary. Copies are distributed to the employee (patient), your employer.

What sets us apart is the level of service you will receive. Remember, we are the only independent occupational health center owned and operated by certified occupational health professionals. This means that if a referral or specialized procedure is required, we will refer you to the most appropriate care and, unlike a hospital, we do not view occupational health as simply a “feeder” to the hospital system. You get physician-to-physician intervention and case management instead of clerks or nurses as case managers. Finally, we are able to provide a high degree of sophisticated treatment since all cases are overseen by a Board Certified Physician.
In the case of an after-hours emergency, you should ensure the injured employee receives treatment at the nearest emergency medical center or call 911. However, once emergency treatment has been administered, we recommend that the employee immediately receive follow-up care and case management from a physician at comprehensive care. This will promote continuity of quality medical care for the employee and protect the business from inappropriate referrals through a hospital system.
As a leader in the field of occupational medicine, we assist a wide variety of companies: These include municipalities including fire and police departments, emergency medical services (EMS), schools, businesses including industrial and non industrial, government, hospitals, transportation (truck and bus drivers) and much more.
Virtually every company or organization with employees should consider their workers’ health and well being, especially if their workplace has the potential to be hazardous. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that certain evaluations must be done on a regular basis for employees in many industries. For instance, all employees who regularly wear respirator masks need medical evaluations. You may also want to provide physical examinations for your employees, such as pre-employment, executive, or DOT exams. Drug testing is another service that falls under the occupational medicine umbrella. Comprehensive Care offers a comprehensive array of services with exceptional care, a solid experience and competitive prices.
More and more companies and organizations are choosing to test for substance abuse and develop programs for a drug-free work environment. Schools, government, industry, and transportation companies have utilized drug testing to improve safety, efficiency and the cultural climate. A drug-testing program will save you money and protect your company’s reputation. There are real and hidden costs to business caused by drug and alcohol abuse; avoiding those costs by implementing a confidential and comprehensive program can improve your company’s safety record, culture and bottom line.