Occupational Treatment & Screenings:

The Occupational Treatment portion of the clinic consists of six (6) treatment rooms, an eye lab, audio room, a dedicated lab area, nurse’s station and screening stations. The space is designed to maximize patient flow to ensure we minimize the amount of time patients are away from work.

Trauma Suite:

Comprehensive Care has a full Trauma Suite that includes two (2) work-stations complete with fully adjustable Procedure Chairs. These chairs allow the clinicians to best manipulate the patient for optimum comfort and positioning for surgical procedures.

Fast Track:

The Fast Track Department was specifically designed to decrease patient wait time. The Fast Track focuses on those patients who are here for drug screens and basic physicals. There are dedicated staff, a separate waiting room, exam rooms and DOT compliant drug screen bathrooms specific to the Fast Track. This ensures these patients will not get intermingled with the other patients at the clinic who require more in-depth care.

Physical Therapy:

The Physical Therapy Department consists of four (4) individual treatment bays which allows for private one-on-one care with our patients. There are specific areas designed for upper extremity therapy, stretching procedures, work conditioning and functional capacity evaluations. We utilize the most updated equipment which allows us to both expedite patient care as well as simulate work related tasks to optimize the patient’s recovery.


The Gym was specifically designed to accommodate work-related injury rehabilitation and ergonomic assessments. The facility has 50 foot high ceilings that allow us to have a fully extended 25 foot extension ladder, a cat-walk that simulates scaffolding and an open design two tier staircase. The gym is equipped with specialty equipment such as a shovel pit, semi simulator, pulley machine, multi-plane force assessor and more.

Non-Surgical Back & Neck Treatment:

The Non-Surgical Back & Neck Treatment department incorporates the latest technologies including intradiscal decompression and cervical traction.